bottinogrund architects

During his three years at Bottinogrund Architects, Fabián Salame was involved in a number of performing arts, civic, and education projects. Foremost among them was the Redbud Theater at Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas. The project took an existing historic building and inserted a new theater and drama department into it. A vibrant, 250 foot long undulating wall organizes the entire space and creates a striking contrast to the historic exterior of the building.

Redbud Theatre at Texas Woman's University. Redbud Theatre at Texas Woman's University. Redbud Theatre at Texas Woman's University. Redbud Theatre at Texas Woman's University. Redbud Theatre at Texas Woman's University. Redbud Theatre at Texas Woman's University. SBCPL_2Rendering for Southern Boone County Public Library.  Rendering by Daniel Barrenechea. Rendering for Southern Boone County Public Library.  Rendering by Daniel Barrenechea.

jonathan schloss / architect

Fabián Salame spent four years at Jonathan Schloss / Architect, and was project architect on numerous residential, commercial and historic jobs, primarily within New York City. Fabián took projects from the initial design stages through documentation and into construction, often working on landmarked properties.

Photos copyright Jonathan Schloss

Tribeca Lobby - Lobby renovation for a residential building in the Tribeca neighborhood in Manhattan. Tribeca Lobby - A combination of rich wood, copper leaf, and bronze brings elegance to this space. Tribeca Lobby - A rendering for the lobby renovation, produced by Fabian Salame. Sunshine Canyon House - Floating horizontal planes create a play of light and shadow on the entrance to this Colorado home. Sunshine Canyon House - A vertical stair tower clad in Brazilian Redwood plays off the primarily horizontal forms. Gramercy Loft - The dining and living room of a Manhattan loft.  The original wood floors and concrete ceiling recall the building's industrial history. Gramercy Loft - The unique use of stained particle board lends this kitchen a more industrial feel. Gramercy Loft - Simple white tile and polished concrete floors provide a calm retreat. Morningside Apartment - What was previously a small, separate kitchen is integrated into the family living space.  Most storage is kept along the rear wall to maximize open space. Times Square Apartment - Computer rendering of an apartment overlooking times square, designed for a luxury residence club. Performing Arts Offices - Reception area for the offices of a Performing Arts consultant in New York. Performing Arts Offices - Spaces are divided while maintaining a sense of openness.

aguacatal residence

A two bedroom country home for the Salasaca region of Santa Cruz Island's highlands. Designed to sit in the center of a ranch, the home opens to the landscape and features an ample outdoor deck and dining area. The common area is glazed on three sides, enveloping the inhabitants in the surrounding hills and grazing cattle, while the solidity of elements clad in local volcanic rock balances the lightness of the glazing.

Status: Documentation phase

Images copyright Fabián Salame

Exterior view from West Interior view showing chimney area and exterior steps Interior view showing kitchen and dining area in background Interior view showing loft steps in background Interior view of master bedroom looking outward North elevation

salasaca residence

A private residence in the highlands of Santa Cruz, Galapagos. Intended as a retreat for a single person, it can also accommodate two couples. The house is divided into a "living" unit and a workshop, connected by a central core clad in lava rock. Ample windows highlight the lovely views, while generous decks and terraces take advantage of the mild climate to create pleasing outdoor spaces. An open living area, including a loft-style bedroom, keeps the interior spacious.

Status: Design phase

Images copyright Fabián Salame

Exterior frontal view from afar Exterior frontal view Exterior view from southwest Exterior view from southeast Interior view of living area Interior view from kitchen towards study area Interior view of loft bedroom from living area Interior view of bedroom

miramar residence

A three bedroom home designed for a young family in the mid-highlands of Santa Cruz Island. A prominent staircase and chimney divide the house into a "private" wing of bedrooms and an open and airy common area. A lightweight structure is used to maximize natural light and ventilation, as well as reduce the impact of bringing heavy masonry and concrete to the archipelago. Ample exterior spaces take advantage of the predominantly mild climate and connect all areas of the house.

Status: Design phase

Images copyright Fabián Salame

Exterior view of private wing Exterior view of common area Aerial sketch view Exterior sketch view Interior sketch view of common area

el eden residence

Project for a private residence in the El Eden neighborhood of Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos. Given a relatively small plot of land to work with, the design consists of a single, unified space with a strong connection between interior and exterior. The result is an intimate atmosphere that remains open and airy.

Status: Design phase

Images copyright Fabián Salame

Exterior view. Nighttime exterior view. Interior view from kitchen. Interior view from living room. Exterior view from open air dining area.

residencial/comercial project

A mixed-use residential and commercial project for Puerto Ayora, Galápagos. Divided into three buildings to reduce site impact, the ground floor consists of retail locations connected by an elevated wooden deck. The upper floor includes multiple detached apartments ranging from studios to three bedrooms. Green roofs are used for both commercial spaces and apartments, providing both aesthetic and sustainability benefits. The building orientation and lightweight structure is designed to maximize natural cooling efficiency.

Status: Design phase

Images copyright Fabián Salame

Aerial view of entire project Ground level front view Exterior view detail View from apartment toward terrace View from apartment terrace Exterior view of apartment

architecture studio

Architecture studio in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos. Natural lighting and ocean views were taken advantage of in order to create a comfortable and productive atmosphere for creative work.

Status: Completed 2011

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Fabián Salame

therapy center

Project for a therapy center in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, Galápagos. More information will be available soon.

Status: Design phase

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Perspective view from main entrance. Perspective view from central yard.